Admin Team

Nireon "Nireon"
Kungming2 "Kung"
dcdcnews "dc"
Violetriot "Vi"


-Admin is the highest rank on the server. Although JTPROG is the current owner of the server, he still uses the admin title as he does not feel as though he should be above any of the other admins. All the current admins are co-founders of the server except for one, Violetriot. Vi, through unmatched dedication, hard work, willingness to help, organization and community management skills has earned the right to be called an admin on December 25, 2011. The admins can be found active around Delniqi more or less frequently, in the current following order of frequency: Vi>JTPROG>Kungming2>Nireon>dcdcnews. *note* JTPROG may be close in server activity to Vi if he wasn't AFK 90% of th time.


-high-access worldguard
-worldedit (limited to server, not personal, functions)
-many more plugin-specific commands