• Apprenticeship Stream (Tier 3)
  • gains access to special feature to be announced at a later date

    Application Requirements:

  • has Veteran
  • has made a protected alchemy lab with at least 16 brewing stands, a nether wart farm that yields 32 per harvest and an infinite water source
  • has crafted and is in possession of at least 9 of each and every type of normal and splash potion (IE: variations such as Speed, Speed II, Speed Extended, Splash Speed, Splash Speed II and Splash Speed Extended are considered 6 different potions, other potions follow the same rule) *

 * Cannot be bought, given by, or traded from markets, shops and/or other players. Will also be taken as additional payment to server bank.


Lumberjack     -    Stoneworker     -     Baker     -     Blacksmith     -     Alchemist

Farmer    -    Machinist     -     Breeder     -     Fabricmaker     -     Enchanter