View of the Asteripolis Tower from the east.

Asteripolis, or "City of the Stars" was conceived by Kungming2 as a central capital city for World 1. By October of 2011, Metropolis was proving to be a horrendous central location for server functions. It had tens of overlapping regions, no central planning, and was outdated due to the new terrain generation introduced by Minecraft 1.8.

As a result, a new location was scouted out by ~b (bskahan) 3000 meters to the north. Construction started at the end of October and was completed in January of 2012. The city is connected via a direct rail link to Selinipolis, the longest such line in World 1. It takes about ten minutes to travel.

Layout Edit

Asteripolis is organized in a grid system around a central courtyard, the City Center and a corresponding tower. The Asteripolis is built on top of a deep canyon that goes almost all the way down to bedrock. A small shrine built out of diamond has been erected there.

The shrine beneath Asteripolis. The cake was accidentally placed there during construction.

Four boulevards run radially from the tower, each named after the direction in which they run and a star. Each is also identified by a color on the face of the tower.

  • North: Nashira Boulevard (Green)
  • East: Electra Boulevard (Red)
  • South: Sirius Boulevard (Yellow)
  • West: Wezen Boulevard (Black)

City CenterEdit

The central 93-block tall tower is surrounded by eight towers with flags, one for each of the four admins and four moderators at the time construction began.



The courtyard used to be made out of grass but was changed to endstone after the release of Minecraft Beta 1.8, which turned much of the grass a sickly swamp color.

Residential AreaEdit


Various houses.

Many houses by citizens of the server are located in the northern part of the city. The most desirable houses directly face the river, and offer boat tours of the city.