The Delniqi server's first custom map, created in the attic of Maxiss_'s house, modified by Spyres and Emptyminded.

Originally a prank played on an AFK Max, Empty and Spy proceeded to redecorate his attic with a variety of random blocks and items, including cocoa beans on jungle wood, fences and a random assortment of colored wool. As you can imagine, an attic is a fairly small space. The redecoration caused the attic to become severely crowded and restricted in space, leaving barely any room for players to manouver.

Later it was modified many times to incooperate beds for atleast 6 , grow wheat, grow melons, grow sugar cane, grow coco beans, holds 1 chicken named Rick, and a cow name Betsy. However, Betsy had always been aggressive to Rick, and murdered Rick several times, up to 8 and still counting. Peace will never be made between the two pets in the Attic.

A toilet is also installed next to a lamp. When the sun leaves the sky and moon rises, Violetriot tucks the four children in the bed, and turns off the lamp. When Violetriot is busy and was not around, the kids would not sleep on time. And even so, Spyres would fap in bed, creating a very difficult atmosphere for slumber.

Founder: Maxiss_, Spyres, Emptyminded, Lt_Aven, Violetriot.

Drop Ins: Rushton83, JTPROG, Typirious.