So it was one night, Axoblaze was walking through a graveyard to get home in his journey of arriving from Wired 2 Coffee's mine to his house (shut up, I like wasting time). "Hello?" he quietly said as he heard rastling in the branches of the jungle trees. Crazy right? Jungle trees in a graveyard! Ahhh as if that will ever ha

Axoblaze - Nuu! my skin is gone :(

ppen! Anyway, Suddenly he saw glowing eyes through the bush. As he yelled out "AY GET OUTTA DA DAMN BUSH! >:o" Violetriot quoted in the chat "Axo, caps".Suddenly there were even more glowing eyes glaring out of the trees, when a pack of man-eating devil unicorn ponies jumped out of the bushes and Ambushed Axo. "Come at me, bro!" Exclaimed Axo. Yeah, they killed him :l Anyway, he respawned, and that's the end of my story! Axo likes to do lots of things on the server! particularily waste time. Axo is very kind to /most/ people on the server and tries to lend a helping hand whenever he can. He is very creative in many ways, and a great builder! Too bad he's even lazier than Kingcoopa... One of Axo's most prize
  • The halo frigate as of August 13th 2012
d builds (One which was suppoosed to be done by last march...) is the huge firgate from the Halo series. Anyway, he has been on the server for over a year already and is Too like a server veteran with the rank of Carpenter. When not on DelNiQi he is on steam!