Command List for Tr+ Edit

These are commands that every player can use, unless stated otherwise. Most of the commands on Delniqi are available from the start!

Rules and Information Edit

/rules - displays server rules
/einfo - displays verious help pages for Regions and Trading
/motd - displays the message of the day

Warping Edit

/spawn - warps you to the spawn
/warp <location> - warps you to a location. Leave blank for a list of locations
/back - takes you back to the location you were at before warping
/sethome <homename> - sets a "home warp" at current location to the specified homename
/home <homename> - teleported you to the specified homename location
/tpa <user> - sends a teleport request to the user. If accepted, you will teleport to them
/tpaccept - accepts a teleport request from another user
/tpdeny - denies a teleport request from another user

Economy Edit

/bal - displays your current $ balance
/balancetop - displays a list of top $ holders
/pay <player> <amount> - pays the player specified amount of $

Regions Edit

/region claim <regionname> - claims a selected region as the specified name for the player. More info HERE
/region define <regionname> <playername> - Defines a selected region for the specified playername. Unlimited claim value + must have veteran rank
/region select <regionname> - selects the specified region. Must be the owner of said region
/region redefine <regionname> - redefines the specified region with the area that is currently selected (from thewand). Requires Veteran
/region remove <regionname> - removed specified region. Must be owner of the region.
/region addmember <regionname> <playername> - adds the specified playername as a member of the region. Must be the owner of said region
/region addowner <regionname> <playername> - adds the specified playername as an owner of the region. Must be the owner of said region
--the 2 above commands can also be used as removemember or removeowner--

Social Edit

/msg <user> <message> - messages the specified user in private. Can also use /tell and /whisper
/mail send <user> <message> - sends a mail to the specified user with the message
/mail read - reads current mail in mailbox
/mail clear - clears current mail in mailbox
/title list - brings up a list of the users earned titles and corresponding #
/title use <#> - changes the title of the user to the title of the # selected
/clan - brings up a menu of clan options
/tell <user> - starts a chat with specified user**Currently does not work**