The Big Builder’s Association or B.B.A is the most exclusive of all building organisations in Delniqi. It is located in an undisclosed remote location with little knowing its whereabouts. To enter the Association, players must have completed several prerequisites, and have received an invitation stamped by two or more of its leading members. Theratrii and Khrii are the current board members, and will be glad to assess your builds for membership.



At the gates of the B.B.A, there are two Iron Golems on duty, only letting players who have been invited into the grounds. If a player who is not a member of the Association enters the gates they will be treated as a guest and find they lack all permissions in the region. However, those player's lucky enough to find the grounds will be treated with the respect they deserve having travelled so far.

Ground FloorEdit

There are multiple facilities on the ground floor however a legend states that the Association keeps its best features well hidden. New members will find their time spent mainly on this level, due to the ease of production for many resources builder's commonly utilize.

Inner Sanctum Edit

The main function of the base is utilized within its heart. Deep down below the island rests the true nature of the association. Only key members can gain access to the Inner Sanctum thus shrouding it in the mystery that it is today.