General Build Examples and their Sizes:

Please note that the build reviewer has the ability to determine build size (within reason) and application reviewer has final judgement. The following are only generalized examples:

Small Scale

- generally a singular structure or a collection of small ones, usually has one or two (minimal) purposes, can take from a couple of hours to a day to complete, such as an experience farm or a detailed house

- /warp endexp, /warp lecompoundpvp, /warp oceantreefarm

Medium Scale

- generally several structures or a collection of moderately sized ones, has several purposes, can take from a day to a fortnight to complete

- /warp pvp2, /warp blockey, /warp Eleville096

Large Scale

- generally a large collection of well designed builds, can encompass upwards of 8x8 chunks in area, usually takes a fortnight to months to complete

- /warp asianpiratecove, /warp BBBCity, /warp Frostland

Mega Scale

- generally takes months to build and is still expanding limitlessly with extreme dedication

- /warp Rushtown