• Build Stream (Tier 4)
  • has shown skill in building and design

    Application Requirements:

  • has Mason
  • has built (completed or ongoing: must look finished) one of the following combinations:
  1. two small projects and one medium project     OR
  2. one large project
  • which are original, aesthetically pleasing and well-designed
  • requires three Builder+ and one Moderator+ to review and approve via in-game book and quill *

* Please keep in mind that while Moderators/Administrators are technically higher than the rank of Builder, in all Build stream requirements, Builder+ refers to players who have a specific Build stream title equal or higher to Builder. You cannot replace a Builder+ with a Moderator+. TL;DR: Admins/Mods are not Builder+

See Examples for what makes a project small-medium-large-mega.


Mason     ->     Carpenter     ->     Builder     ->     Architect