As a rule of thumb all things posted on the Wiki should be written in THIRD PERSON PERSPECTIVE! So instead of saying "I built the city with Spyres" You would say "JTPROG built the city with Spyres".

Example of a player's page:
The first text written on the page should include a description of the player in relation to the server. This section should be a summary and should not go into too much detail. Examples of Optional Categories will be listed below:

"== Bio ==" <- type each new section header exactly in this format (WITHOUT QUOTES).
Write about your history and experiences on the server here. In this section you can mention builds, but it is recommended not to go into builds details here. If there is a lot to write, you can separate it into relevant categories (described below in builds section).
"== Builds =="
This is where you describe the various builds you have created on the server and any details and history that go along with them. Make a new subheader "=== Build2 ===" for each build. If you have a major build or project that will take a very long time to describe, it is recommended you make a new page and link to it from here.
"=== Build1 ===" <= replace Build1 with name of build
information typed here + pics(optional)
"=== Build2 ==="
information typed here + pics(optional) ...etc.

some additional categories you can add on your page inlcude and are not limited to "== Legend + Lore ==" , "== Rumors ==" , "== Trivia ==" , "== Timeline ==" and any other meaningful categories you can think of.

After you are done, add the category:Player as a category for your page.

Here is an example of my Player Page, use it for reference -> JTPROG