• Miscellaneous Stream (Tier 5)
  • better known as Donator+ on the server
  • has decided to help JTPROG and the server out by donating

Donator+ Privileges:

  • all Donator privileges
  • able to use a shinier yellow [D+] title
  • ability to choose your own color for your name *
  • can use /hat to put any block on your head, which generally replaces your head instead (some items/blocks are glitchy and don't work properly)
  • a personal Ender Dragon egg for decoration purposes and bragging rights
  • ability to save schematics to backup and save your builds to the server (this requires some assistance, contact JTPROG for details)

 Application Requirements:

  • has donated at least $20 USD to the server via this link **
* Currently, the colors not available are black (difficulty reading), white (difficulty differentiating from chat color), purple and red (administrator colors), aqua (moderator color) and green (sheriff color)
** Abuse of ANY of the Donator (both Donator and Donator+) privileges can result in warnings and/or bans. Said players are not exempt from the server's rules.
*** Only JTPROG, the server owner, can confirm this transaction, therefore depending on his activity, waiting time can vary. If there are any discrepancies between this informative page and the actual donation page located on the forums, the latter takes priority.


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