• Apprenticeship Stream (Tier 3)
  • gains access to special feature to be announced at a later date

    Application Requirements:

  • has Veteran
  • has made a protected greenhouse using a large amount of glass (more than half of the visible blocks of the structure), containing farms for wheat, carrots, cocoa beans, melons, potatoes, brown and red mushrooms, pumpkins, sugar cane and cacti
  • farms must yield a minimum of 96 wheat, 32 carrots, 16 cocoa beans, 64 melon slices, 32 potatoes, 16 pumpkins, 16 brown mushrooms, 16 red mushrooms, 64 sugar canes and 64 cacti per harvest
  • has grown and is in possession of at least 9 stacks of wheat, 3 stacks of carrots, 2 stacks of cocoa beans, 3 stacks of melon blocks, 3 stacks of potatoes, 2 stacks of pumpkins, 2 stacks of brown mushrooms, 2 stacks of red mushrooms, 6 stacks of sugar cane and 6 stacks of cacti *

 * Cannot be bought, given by, or traded from markets, shops and/or other players. Will also be taken as additional payment to server bank.


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