About Frost

FrostForester aka Frost is one of the older guys on the server with his 24 years of age but still enjoying minecraft verry much. You will probably find him online at weird times cause he lives in belgium so totaly different timezone.

He started on the server about a year ago but has been afk for a few months and has been back since a month.

He likes BIG build projects for wich he likes using blueprints. However he has also build a fair amount of builds out of his own imagination and creativity.

He made a land called Frostland where you can basicly find him working on projects most of the time. That is if he is not out mining cause he likes to make big money.

If u ever need a hand with something or want to enjoy his builds ,like the notre dame, empire state building, eifel tower and many others, feel free to tpa to him.

Some screenchots of builds

  • frostland meeting fountain
  • empire state building
  • eifel towe (in progress)
  • Notre Dame
  • inside of the notre dame
  • boat

Did you know that ...

- Frost started out on this server with 3 rl friends but is the only one left now... (he's trying to convince them to come back)

- The verry first building Frost made was a huge castle with watchtower throneroom ,... in a 70x50x60 area? Untill this was finished he stayed in his friends riidder's house.

- The 2nd day Frost and his friend where on the server they came back from the pub that evening and went on a griefing spree griefing everything they saw including their own builds.

- Later that day he found himself jailed without knowing what exactly he had done. But luckily he convinced the admins not to ban him.

- He also plays loads of other games like LoL, WoW, lotro, CoD, BF, ...

- Frost is a master in industrial craft and actualy played for over 4 months on an industrial craft server when he was afk on delniqi

- Frost somewhere on this server together with sage and riidder have build a huge joint...