Hillside resort was a place founded by smeadrox(left server), SirAkito(banned), and pokemon1188(still living there).

Two Mountains and one big area:

At the Beginning, pokemon1188 was the one that joined smeadrox's group, then we started building. and made a mini mountain range out of one side, with a beautiful view. with a huge area protected for the 3 of them, then this became a wonderful place, and someone made a house and sold to mstacy. But he left soon afterwards to some other place. After this place became great and established. THE BAD STUFF HAPPENED

The Bad stuff: The Hacker, the Leaver, and the Veteran.

The Hacker:

The place was going well, but then it happened, for some reason, SirAkito, started HACKING, he was a old friend of smeadrox and pokemon1188, so we thought SOMETHING WAS WRONG, so we told genericdude to unban him so pokemon1188 and smeadrox to consult him to see if he can turn back or if something just happened to him, But then it came, he was unbanned, pokemon1188 and smeadrox both came to him but he was crazy, he destroyed everything and the reason and started swearing and was odd, so pokemon1188 and smeadrox both yelled "BAN HIM" and he was perm banned. We were DEVASTATED, then we made a burial of him, and a mini tomb, wishing our friend good luck to come. But the sad thing is, IT DOESNT END HERE

The Leaver:

The bad omen continues, soon and not too long after their friend was banned, Smeadrox left and said the server was boring, pokemon1188 tried persuading him how great this server is but his will was strong and left for LoL, then pokemon1188 added him on LoL, and told him to come back now that we have clans and stuff, but he remained thinking it was boring after a couple of days, and now, he is GONE. farewell, my great friend that was one of the best men in this server.

The Veteran:

The lone man, pokemon1188 remains the one standing on the peak of hillside resort making all kinds of stuff. All Kinds Of Stuff:

Egg farms, Storage place, Alchemy area, Enchanting area, Glass Pyramid, Huge auto wheat farm, Poke-mart, and many more.

Hillside resort is still a wonderful place, and has only use a portion of his area nad only one of the mountains, pokemon1188 welcomes anyone who wants to live on the mountain. The more the marrier right?