JT began constructing his first house shortly after joining Nireon, Kungming2 and dcdcnews on the pre-delniqi server. The spot for this would be on a cliff overlooking the "admin sphere" builds, a short distance away from The Arena of Olympia and within view of Metropolis and Patchwork Fortress.

After constructing a mine in an island at the bottom of the cliff nearby, JT gathered the resources for his first build. This included stone, many buckets of lava, mossy cobblestone, sand for glass, and birch woods.

The house was completed some time in May of 2011 and pre-dates the public server launch.


The house is constructed in an L shape following the contours of the vertical cliff. The floor is made of mossy cobblestone and the walls are entirely glass to take in the magnificent view. The glass walls and roof are supported by birchwood pillars and the roof is made from wooden planks.

The house featured what JT thought at the time to be novel lava lighting, which lit the floor from the bottom and also the top with lava encased in glass. Eventually a redstone blinking light system was installed on top of the house. The house also features a weapons device which shoots 4 dispensers of arrows out the front of the cliff underneath the house. The arrows pass through lava making them fire arrows. This device was used by JT on the first and second Delniqi 4th of July celebration, firing fire arrows onto a cobblestone arena below to simulate a fireworks show.


There is a spiral tower in the back of the house with an all-glass viewing room at the top, giving an even better view of the area. A minecart track is set up to run up and down this tower for transportation.

Underneath the house, deep underground, are the remnants of JT's first mob farm. The insides of the farm have now been lit up so that mobs no longer spawn. JT took much time clearing maybe of the caves in the area to allow for a more efficient mob farm, whoever, he later decided to take on his biggest project, JT's Oceanfarm .

Future additions to the house included a final piston castle gate which JT built as a test when pistons were first introduced. This system has been improved and perfected by Rushton83 in many builds throughout the world.

The cliff the house is build on also has a waterfall system made by JT which shoots water from the rocks down the cliff face and into the water below. In this pool area around the waterfall is a rock and torch formation which spells LOL when seen from above. It is said this is the only time JT laughed out loud.