King Coopa, also known as King or Coopa, used to be a royaling king, now down to a simple builder. He is usually seen partnered with a strange fellow who goes by the name "Tudmunchkin", also known as Tud, and can be extremely lazy, but when he gets to it, can build kind of half-decent.

King used to be the ruler of a huge castle, passed down by generations by his family, he had 2 slaves who would always do his bidding. Now, fallen and lost, he wondered into DelNiQi, and found a simple-minded (if not empty) fellow who went by the name "EmptyMinded". Empty showed him Kakariko, and King was instantly hooked, he quickly began building on the Kokiri Forest, his first home and first build in DelNiQi.

  • King is known to be extremely lazy, and rarely does any work that doesn't involve cake as a reward.
  • Can be seen making tons of Portal refrences.
  • Often very random, not thinking before he speaks, and usually getting himself in trouble.
  • King is known to be obsessed with potatos, and will randomly well about lemons.

Fall of a King.

Coopa was just a little boy, growing up with his father as the king of the ruling land known as Skunk Town. His father always told him, one day all this would be his, all the gold and diamonds in the world, slaves to do his every bidding, a lovely Queen. He always wanted to follow his father's footsteps.

One day, his father died in a tragic mining accident, Coopa had to take over the throne at the younge age of 12 years old. He had two slaves, one who was doing his bidding, and one who always questioned him.

His mother shortly passed away a month after he had to take the throne.

The one slave did everything he asked, the other one was acting suspicious. One day, there was an attack on the town, the house Coopa grew up in, was bursted into flames. The townsfolk got suspicious, and acused Coopa of burning it down for insurance fruad. He quickly ran from the townsfolk back to his castle, to see it being torn down and destroyed by one of his minions! The townsfolk watched as it slowly fell to the ground. They were ferious.

Coopa had to run far away, he ran for miles, wearing only the shirt on his back, til he reached a small town known as Kakariko Village. There he met a nice lad named Empty, he showed him around, Coopa was so happy, he finally made a friend.

They then started building on a forest together. They became best friends. A couple months later the forest was completely built, it was so big and nice! Empty then showed to the admins, it was JT whom saw the forest, was amazed by Coopa's skills, it was also the first time he's seen him, and ranked him to Ve.

Part 2.

Coming soon...