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kungming2 checking out someone's building


Co-founder, admin



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Selinipolis, Serenica


kungming2's (Asteripolis) flag

Kungming2 is a co-founder and Admin on the Delniqi Server. He's known for being active and inactive in periods over a few months, sometimes doing a crazy amount of building, then disappearing for months at a time. kungming2 is the architect of Selinipolis and the coordinator of Asteripolis.

kungming2 is also notorious for making conditions on the server "perma-day" when he's on a building spree, keeping it daytime for up to hours at a time.

Legend and Lore Edit

Kungming2 also known as "Kungming" and "Kung", not to be known as "Ming" is an admin and Co-Founder of the Delniqi Server. Legend tells that he along with a friend, known to us as "Nireon" owned the Original Delniqi world. It was when JT received his powers and wanted to create a world, He took the Original Delniqi and changed it slightly, morphing it into a world that was ready for people.

Kungband Nireon share a connection that it said to be unbreakable and although Nireon is MIA he insist that the connection is still there, allowing him to communicate when it is nessasary.

Kung has the ability Perma-Day. A power, Lore tells he created for his own use. The ability allows for him to create a sky cycle without a moon and instead 2 Suns, Allowing for an infinite Day. This power is only used in absolute nessasary moments when it is actually needed.... Or its used for Kungs personnel use, building. It is not known whether others admins/mods or anyone has this power, JT had boasted that he had the power one day when the night was removed for an extreme period of time, however it was found that Kung had just allowed JT to borrow the power for one use, Why is unknown.

Kung is usually only seen during Summer months, it is said that this is the case due to the Night being shorter and therefore easier to remove. Why is Kung isn't usually on during Non-Summer Months was answered by JT stating that during this time Kung flys into the sun to recharge it, it's his job.

Kungs city that was built mostly in Daylight, is now the Capital of the server, with many services are available. i.e: The Market, Warps, portals and etc. Kung founded the City on new land that came in a new update. The Main central area being built upon a Ravine that Kung and few others explored. A shrine was made by Kung after the Ravine was explored, that is visible in the exact middle of the Main Central area.

In legends Kung is known to teleport to players while building and tell how he feels about it, whether or not Kung does this just a few times or does quite regularly while be invisible or out of sight is unknown.