Maxi the cow


Builder/ Guru




Mansion builder/Interior Designer

Maxiss_ is a mansion builder and interior designer on the Delniqi Server. He is an active member of Delniqi and enjoys building modern mansions from photos or own creativity. He designs his builds on grid paper so he can get an idea of how the building would look like and know the dimensions of it. When he is not on the server he's usually playing Team Fortress 2.

If you ever want an opinion or some help with your interior, drop him a mail or PM. He'd be happy to lend a hand.

Maxiss_ joined the server after being recruited by Pokemon1188. He has joined different clans throughout his days on Delniqi. The clans he had joined in chronological order: PPe, CVF, and pHD (Current).

It was acknowledged that Max is almost a younger, male version of Khrii in terms of building and design. His style and buildings are closely related to that of Khrii.

In the Summer of 2012, Maxiss_ was asked by Emptyminded to build a house in the unknown town of Samisepic, Jackisepic and Bluecup. As soon as the attic of this house was built, it was quickly redesigned to as the pHD clan Sleep Over Attic. The sleep over part members were initially Max himself, Spyres, Lt_Aven and Emptyminded was in this Attic. Later on Violet came to admit that the gathering of the four desperate children living in the chaotic Attic was no coincidence, Violet is the parent of the 4 children.

Facts and Such

- Skilled Team Fortress 2 player(Not Uber skilled, just skilled)

- He's Bill Gates cow

- He has the most tenderest meat than any other cow.

- Max Moos along with the "Attic Cow" Betsy when he sleeps.

- He's very good at infiltration.


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