Metjetfan101 is the person who has been banned more than anyone else. If you go to the Pandora Graveyard built by Oestlie94 (Oreo) and GI_Death you will see Metjetfan101 's personal sign. He was banned over 10 months ago and it was a very hard 10 months for him. He was playing on another server called SurvivaCraft with one of his mates, AlphaByte. SurvivaCraft was an incredibly laggy server most of the time, and the admins were trolls. Delniqi is much better. He was able to get back on the server using his manipulate, hypnotic skills on JTPROG. JT said, and Metjatfan101 quotes "This is your one and only chance, don't do anything stupid." From then on, Metjetfan101 became a citizen and was very proud when he got Veteran (LOL). He then procceded to donate $25 to the server and made his name that good old Cactus Green. He is very thankful to JTPROG for allowing him back on the server despite of his trolls 10 months ago.

Bio Edit

Most people on the server will know Metjetfan101 for his Cactus Farm, which is the biggest and he has not seen anybody try to compete with it. He has an odd obsession with pointless farms/cactus. SOBERDADDY just doesn't understand why he would "waste" his time on cactus because they are "useless". You just wait until 1.4 comes out and he will put flower pots with cactus everywhere. He is on a magical quest to create an original farm that is efficient and aesthetically pleasing for every farmable item in the game. So far he has created a Cactus Farm, a Nether Wart Farm, a Mushroom Farm, a Sugar Cane Farm, and He is working on an Original Tree Farm.