Metropolis is the name given to the original spawn point of nireon and kungming2 in World 1 when the server was first started. A key landmark of the city is a 128-meter tall cobblestone tower and pyramid built by nireon to guide the founders back home if they got lost.

Metropolis (post-renovations), with the cobblestone tower to the right.


Prior to March 2011, all items found or collected on the server were shared communally and anyone could freely use them. After dcdcnews arrived, however, kungming2 decided to build his own residence and split the items in half with nireon. Thus marked the end of an experiment with communism on Delniqi.

The western part of Metropolis is defined by a grid, part of kungming2's ill-fated attempt to introduce some sort of organizational pattern to the chaotic city. City blocks were made as 25x25 squares, a width that proved to be too small for any sort of meaningful building. Lessons learned from this experience were applied towards the construction of Asteripolis six months later.

The area that is Metropolis today was quickly deforested by players spawning and immediately chopping down trees. Furthermore, kungming2 attempted to clear some treetops in April 2011 and in the process started a forest fire that lasted for three Minecraft days, leveling most of the verdant growth.