The current "newbuild" area located on the server, Newcastle is a small-scale fortress acting as the central spawn with vast amounts of space surrounding it.


Before the creation of Newcastle, the "Newbuild" warp was the primary starting point for all new players. Due to a lack of consistent management and restoration, the area soon turned into shambles, with holes dug straight down to bedrock, 1x1 dirt pillars, floating trees and griefed houses seen everywhere. After several tries to clean the place up, an alternate solution was made in the form of Newcastle.

Utilizing unused ocean, sorcery was used to create a large flatland. Keeping the centralization concept of Asteripolis in mind, a basic four-sided castle was made by violetriot .

Various buildings are located inside the castle walls, including the primary warp point, the Newcastle market and the inn.


Primary Warp Point

Players spawn at one of the highest points in Newcastle, which in actuality, isn't that high. Signs attempt to guide new players down to ground level via a spiral staircase, but most players disregard them due to ignorance and illiteracy and jump off the short building anyway.

Newcastle Inn

A building able to situate a decent amount of new players, it is filled with rooms of varying sizes which allow players without a home to stay in temporarily while they relocate. Basic equipment such as crafting tables and beds are located in every room. Ender chests also give players a safe method of storing their early items.

Newcastle Market

A cleaner and slightly more organized version of the actual server market, the Newcastle market caters primarily to new players and offers early-game items such as food and tools. Players are also able to set up trade signs.

Enchanted Tool Shoppe

This building sells enchanted stone picks, giving new players the potential to use more powerful tools for an affordable price at a very early stage. Future expansion is planned for tools of other types.