Ninjaofquest is an active player on Delniqi and the co-owner of STEVYville.  Ninjaofquest first officially joined Delniqi on January 14th, 2013.  He has achieved the rank of Mason and is currently working on Carpenter.  In the future he will work on Blacksmith and Farmer.  While often silly and immature, he is willing to help people.

The JoiningEdit

Ninjaofquest was first seen on the server on December 31st, 2012.  He quickly left, however, and returned on January 7th, 2013.  After teleporting to Newcastle, he was taken in by STEVYBOY1DER via a /tpa request.  He stayed at STEVY's house for the night and set off to settle in the morning.  He found an ideal location to build between a forest nearby STEVY's establishments and a desert and set up a cobble shack.  As the time passed, he built up his house and mined for minerals.

Expansion and Desert VillageEdit

When Ninjaofquest ran out of room in his chests, he built a warehouse across from his house.  Around this time, STEVYBOY1DER and Ninjaofquest began a town encompassing the desert and the forest around STEVY's house.  Ninjaofquest began to invite newcomers to build in his portion of the town, then known as Desert Village.  This would later become the player-built portion of STEVYville.  He also started to build a road to Newcastle.  The road remained incomplete for some time, but has been completed.  The road spans over 2500 blocks as it heads west into the ghost town of STEVYville.

Improvements in Building and Veteran-shipEdit

While building the Newcastle Road, Ninjaofquest found a mountain that would later serve as his base of operations. He slated the land for construction and dug Newcastle Road through the mountain.  The mountain, named the Ninja Complex, is connected by two bridges to the east and west and a land path to the north.  Since this time, Ninjaofquest has built a greenhouse and remodeled it to fit the guidelines of the Mason rank.  He has dismantled his warehouse and rebuilt it inside his complex.  The newest addition to the Ninja Complex is a horse-compatible shortcut around the mountain.  Ninjaofquest plans to use his home as a build for the Carpenter rank, along with a tutorial on lifts.

He has also made a friendly spawn build for the warp "quartzmine" which he will use for Carpenter.

Ninjaofquest is currently inactive and will be for an uncertain amount of time.


  • Lift Tutorial, unfinished (67% complete)
  • Newcastle Road, completed.  The bridge was made by STEVYBOY1DER.
  • Quartzmine Spawn, completed.
  • Ninja Complex, unfinished
    • Greenhouse, completed.
    • Tree Farm, completed.
    • Warehouse, completed.
    • Inner Hallways, unfinished (~40% complete)
    • Facilities, not started.
    • Floating Island Haven, planned.
    • Animal Barn, not started.
  • Desert Village Market, abandoned.
  • Desert Village, abandoned.