poi1 was once a beautiful warp that has no one there, it was a public area. And pokemon1188 was the first man to venture in that warp and make his very first settlement(house) with piston-auto doors. Then soon Spyres ventured in there after pokemon1188 have finished my house and started everything there. Then Spyres made several farms behind pokemon1188's house and also a dark room mob item farm to the right of pokemon1188's house. Thus beginning the start of poi1, with many other people choosing this area and settling there(their all gone). And poi1 remained an area that only I would use, after a while, pokemon1188 wins the pixelart contest with his amazing pikachu and 64 blocks of ice and 20k-prenerf. The Pikachu remains standing after many wool destructive seasons. Soon violetriot and Spyres "cleaned" up poi1 after it was long established.


It ended when "someone" removed the warp(no idea who). Bur I still nce in a while come back even though I'm staying at the mountain range.