This tutorial will explain in detail how to create your own region, giving only you access and protecting from griefers. Note that regions will also protect chests for everyone added to that region.

1: type "//wand" which will put a wooden axe in your inventory. This is what you will use to select region boundaries.

2: left click on a block to set the starting coordinate of your region

3: right click on a second block to set the ending coordinate of your region. You want the starting and ending coordinates to be at different heights to give your region volume. For example, if you want a 10x10 region, left click the block under you, move 10 blocks diagonally, move 10 blocks up, and then right click the block under you (if you create a 1x1 tower make sure to delete it afterwards).

4: To claim your region type "/region claim <regionname> <owner1> <owner2> <owners...>" replacing <regionname> with a name of your choice and adding as many owners as you'd like, all separated by spaces. Owners will have equal access to your region. Instead, if you'd like, you can set players as members which is explained later.

- You now own the specified region. If you run out of regions you can remove them by doing "/region remove <regionname>". You may only claim a few regions per player.

- ADDING/DELETING MEMBERS: If you want to share a region/house with one or more people type: /region addmember <regionname> <member1> <member2> <members...> or /region addowner <regionname> <owner1> <owner2> <owners...>

where <regionname> is the name of your previously defined region.

To remove member type (must be owner): /region removemember <regionname> <member> <member> <members...>

!!You can find out the name of any region by holding a feather and right-clicking the ground!!