STEVYBOY1DER, commonly known as STEVY, joined the server sometime in mid-August 2012, but first became active on DelNiQi in mid November 2012. He is best known as the creator of STEVYVille, and runs it alongside Ninjaofquest.

Humble BeginningsEdit

Like many, STEVY was drawn to DelNiQi to try out the promising plugin MoveCraft. And like many, he was disappointed by such restricted use of the plugin. Even so, he built a house and sporadically came on the server, for about a half hour a week. In the period of time between joining the server and becoming active on the server, STEVY learned much about building and how to build well. Sometime in November of 2012 he returned to the server and with this knowledge, started generating plans for greatnes. But in order to do this, he first had to rid himself of the slums of the Newcastle outskirts and head into the lush wilderness. 

The JourneyEdit

So one morning STEVY took all the resources he had and took off. 3 long days and nights of fighting vengeful skeletons and zombies ended when he found a good penninsula. Sadly, this was found