- No griefing. This DOES NOT ONLY INCLUDE DESTROYING BLOCKS, but encompasses almost anything which can be defined as griefing, or causing grief to players. Things such as excessive trolling/annoyance, name-calling/bashing, harming of players through use of lava/tnt/fire/etc, destroying other players blocks, trespassing after being asked not to... the list goes on and on. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Generally if you would not like something done to YOU, it would be considered griefing if you do it to THEM.

- No Movement/Fly Mods/Speed/Any other type of Hacks or mods. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage, even if only a little, can be considered cheating and bannable.

- No X-ray Mods/Hacks OR ANY OTHER UNFAIR MODS/HACKS <- Same as above but just to reiterate. This is an economy server and this type of cheating is taken very seriously.

- No racism/perversion/other similar vulgur acts
- No 1x1 towers into the sky - keep things neat and orderly, don't leave floating leaves/branches either

- Respect the sheriffs/moderators/admins. If you do not like or agree with what one says calmly deal with it and talk to a higher ranking official if applicable. But even so, always be respectful - don't say "I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY, IM TALKING TO JT" - that is not respectful.

All of these offenses are easily detectable using hawkeye, ore logs, chat logs, etc. You can and will be banned, especially if committing a more severe offense (major griefing, xray).


Upon committing a crime a first verbal warning or first written warning will be given upon discretion of the moderator. A player may have up to written warnings before he is eligible to be permanently banned on the third offense. For more severe offenses such as major griefing/xraying, a player may be banned after his second offense. It will be stated which type of offense you have committed and how many chances you have left prior to banning.


A player may petition to be unbanned by posting on the forums. There must be great evidence and argument to suggest they do not deserve the ban and should be unbanned. Posts should be written in a respectful and thought-out manner and rants will simply be ignored. If the moderators feel that this ban has been unjust, they may be given another chance.