The S.S Airship or "Airshit" According to the builder "Gene
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The S.S Airshit

ricdude" is a giant floating, symmetrical vessel in mid-air.

The S.S airshit is a completely sky-bound fortress composed of many different materials. The fortress took about 3 months and a ton of stone blocks to build.

The 6 FloorsEdit

The airshit is composed of 6 floors. The garden-like foyer bings lots of life with pillars of water, tall grass, a very high ceiling, and lots of lights. The leads to 4 different directions, which all provaide a panoramic view to the sea. The second floor is composed of Symmetrical glass domes and most-likely used for storage. The center of the second floor made of glass gives a view of the foyer below. The third floor is most-likely the gunnery room. This room has a panoramic view and a staircase which leads up to the cannon itself. The third room is very dark, yet eye-pleasing. It has 3 pillars of mossy cobblestone connecting the other half of the airship.It also has many furnaces, making sense seeing this is the firing room. The button which launches the dispensers is located here, along with a fine looking iron, or should I say "wooden" sight. Next room finally brings us to the main chamber of the Airship.

The 4 Wings Of The AirshipEdit

There are 2 passages at this point. These will take you to the interconnected bridges. These bridges will lead you to the 4 wings. The first wing is the tree farm which consists all 4 types of wood. This also has a very calming garden look and feel to it. The other one is the Netherport. The Netherport is a small wall (which I am standing on top of in the picture above) which is made of glowstone and 4 portals. The other 2 wings are still not determined.