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Sober found a skin that suits his personality

SOBERDADDY has been amongst the delniqians for soon to come one year, he is a Carpenter who has been striving towards builder to complete his minecraft fate. He has earned Tycoon to sooth the pain he has to deal with by not achieving Builder. When SOBER isn't working on projects he is usually busy trolling.

Truth or Troll?

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    When SOBER isn't busy working on projects he usually trolls with people's tempers, SOBERS trolling and fighting is nothing new to the server when you log on SOBER is sure to be picking a fight since he expresses everything he has in his mind.

  • Violet is not the only person who has dealt with SOBER's crazed opinion, Khrii, Genericdude, and much more are victims of the terrible logic, SOBER>Delniqi adminstrative team

PPe (Purple People Eaters)

SOBER has stayed loyal to PPe even though everyone has left he fought his heart for his leader JTPROG he never gave up to show his loyalty to the God of delniqi

To reward SOBER with his loyalty to the God of all created, JTPROG used all his might to create a Co-leader of PPe. After a hard day of work in the sunlight, playing Le vollay, JT agreed to making SOBER clan leader saying "Gonna make you clan leader rofls". That night the moon shined on SOBER's armor and was marked Clan leader of PPe.
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SOBERDADDY has made alliances with many Clans in-order to defeat Violetriot and pHD, he has done so to avenge JT from Vi's Overthrow and serve Justice to those who do not hail JTPROG God of Delniqi.

SOBER has served PPe when everyone lost fate, when everyone pitied PPe for being the "dead clan". SOBER renewed the clan, slaying all HATERS and shined light on PPe's rep.

SOBERDADDY has almost defeated Violetriot, until Vi fled to lava to not be ashamed by deafeat, SOBER is still on a voyage to avenge JTPROG

SOBE has taken JT's place in the battlefield, while JT is keeping the server up to date during patches, advertisements of the server, integrating new plugins and content, managing the staff and community, banning cheaters, xrayers and dupers, and AFKing.