When you help the server popularity by voting at the following links you will automatically receive a random item and a chance at RAREitems! YOU MUST BE ONLINE WHILE YOU VOTE TO RECEIVE ITEMS + when you type in your name it is CASE SENSITIVE! You get 1 item per 1 vote!

These are the sites you can vote at to receive random items! Vote-per-day limits are 1 day unless specified. Click on the links to vote!

Vote 1:

Vote 2:

Vote 3: ... craft/vote (12 hours)

--High Growth: We have the potential to get to the top of the list on these blue sites!--

Vote 4 :

Vote 5: ... 0a97000005

Prizes will be awarded to the highest (10?) voters each month!

**I may soon be limiting items to 1every 2 votes because people are getting too many rare items methinks. Get it while it's hot!*