2012-07-21 02.29.18

xtionx was a bored soul looking for a new project to occupy his free time. He had just finished building a maze, which yielded a chest of diamond to the first man to finish.xtionx was looking to add something more exciting, thrilling, and of course fun to his dull life. ...A ROLLERCOASTER!!! Little did he know that building this Rollercoaster would prove to be quite a challenge. =P

On top of his maze, the wooden Rollercoaster took shape. Rail by rail the track was laid down. But xtionx did not just make a plain old simple Rollercoaster, he added redstone circuits. Pistons were timed to the exact second to lift and push your minecart across the track. Powered rails gave you blazing speed to get mad air over jumps. Blocks were pulled out of the way of the track by sticky pistons when triggered by your movement. All of this in the beautiful oasis of the desert ruins.

While spending so much time on his build JTPROG (his brother) began teasing xtionx with a mocking tune singing "My Life is a Rollercaoster". xtionx replied saying he was going to actually make a song about it.They laughed. Then weeks later he did. LOL. Having written the lyrics and rhythm to the song, xtionx recorded it with his original singing, guitar playing, and whistling.

The video includes his Rollercoaster, members of the server, and creative editing to go along with it.